Sunday, December 28, 2008

We Will Miss You Mama Bheng

The misery of loosing someone you loved and so dear to you is very hurting. But the reality of life says that people will come and go in this beautiful world for no one is permanent. No matter how much we tried to hold on and not to let go, we could never change the inevitable. Letting go is so hard and painfull but theres nothing we can do but to accept it. Despite the fact that we did everything we believe is the best , but in the end the final judgement will prevail. This is Mama Bheng, our mother and best friend . She is a well rounded person, a good provider for her children, a woman of all trade, a loving wife and mother, a good leader, and a god-fearing person. She passed away last november 15, after many times of going in and out of hospital. Its been so hard for all of us to accept the reality of loosing her. No words can compare what we felt since the day she left us. We were in great pain. But we could not question what God has set for us. We go on with our life and the memory of her will always remain in our hearts, and we will never ever stop loving her.! MAMA WE YOUR CHILDREN AND PAPA LOVE YOU SO MUCH! WE WILL TERRIBLY MISS YOU! FAREWELL BUT NOT GOODBYE! SEE YOU IN HEAVEN!


  1. I remember her when she was dancing and singing in Ma'am Edith's birthday. She is gone ahead of us. May she rest in peace.

  2. I feel for your loss, I just lost a brother last month and it is really hard..

  3. May your mom rest in peace with God.

    By thre way, I am now following your blog..