Sunday, December 28, 2008

Nature Tripping

In our way home from Monks Monastery in Bukidnon, this view caught my attention, so i took a picture of it on my cellphone as fast as i could coz i am riding in a van so i am afraid i could not get the right angle that i wanted. After taking the shot, i viewed it and to my surprise the picture appears like a volcano where the clouds looked like a smoke that comes out from the crater. Right?? Actually it is not a volcano, but the roofing of the Monks Monastery where the design appears to be like a perfect cone. I loved the view and hope you like it too!
This is a view of Sugpolon Falls in Jasaan Misamis Oriental. It has more than 1 waterfall. It also has its pool for children and adults. The water is cold and refreshing. This is a good place to relax and enjoy. A good place for family bonding. try going there sometime to experience nature and its abundance. Happy swimming!!!


  1. Very nice indeed! Have you tried climbing on the rocks? It was fun! I did that. Too bad I can't share my pictures. But, I will in the future.

  2. hi ! i have never been to that place and it looks amazing . How awkward to say that i am from Cagayan de Oro and yet i haven't visited such places ..

  3. I wish i could visit that place nice kaau

  4. I love the view!

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